C!CAF vol > 2 has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Read more about the cancellation here.

As we are working on moving the festival to March 2022, in the meantime we will leave the original DEEP DIVE program here for you to explore – until we are hopefully ready to go again.

Take a DEEP DIVE – at AFUK

Check out the program – and see how to sign up here:

We have challenged the international artists to take a deep dive down in their own practice – and to open up to all curious souls!

This has resulted in a line of exciting free activities: Workshops and artist talks at AFUK under the headline DEEP DIVE ACTIVTIES.

If you wish to participate in the activities, you need to sign up in advance. All of the activities will be in English.


Kitt Johnson moderates all the activities and there is a limited availability of places!

If you wish to participate in any of these activities, please send an email to If you are prevented from participating, please let us know, so someone else can have your seat!


18. March_16.30-17.30:

Signe Løve Anderskov: Inverting Self

Dette billede har en tom ALT-egenskab (billedbeskrivelse). Filnavnet er 4-1024x767.jpg
(photo: Signe Løve Anderskov)

– A performance lecture on handstand, in–betweens and transitions

For the past two years, Signe Løve Anderskov has been working on an artistic research project at SKH in Stockholm (formerly DOCH). Along the way she became pregnant and decided to include the transformation of the body in her studies of the spectacular.

Inverting Self is a performance lecture in which the artist uses both humor and a great deal of honesty to combine the artistic research with the personal confessions of the artist herself. Based on a photo exhibition, Anderskov moves from storytelling to handstand performance, and lets the different layers of the work emerge. The project is a unique insight into a female artist’s personal work, and a poetic documentation of life transitions in an artist’s body.

Signe Løve Anderskov is a Danish handstand artist, educated from the Russian state circus school. She has been part of the new circus company Cikaros since 2005. In her artistic work, she is preoccupied with diving into details to discover radically new approaches to the basic components of circus art. In 2021, she will complete an MFA in modern circus from DOCH/Stockholm University.

19. March_16.30-18.00:

Guy Waerenburgh: Circus circuits

Dette billede har en tom ALT-egenskab (billedbeskrivelse). Filnavnet er derlauf_deepdive.jpg
(photo: Guy Waerenburgh)

– A sharing session (moderated by Kitt Johnson)

In this presentation, Guy Waerenburgh (Der Lauf) will overview with you the different circuits where professional circus artists work nowadays. They all have different ways of working and different pros and cons, depending on your dreams, strengths and personal taste. Contemporary circus, variété and cabaret shows, corporate gigs, superproductions or street shows and festivals, Guy has done it all and shares with you his insights and experiences.

Based on Guy’s presentation, we will start a conversation about networks and some of the current topics that matter to the profession – and in general – such as sustainability (both in relation to the environment and the body), partnerships and artistic practice in the times of crisis. Finally, we venture into a conversation about the workplaces, work opportunities, and work practices of the future.

Guy Waerenburgh has been on stage since 2004 both as a visual act and as a juggler-performer for major contemporary juggling companies. In 2010, he signed a contract for two years and more than 700 performances for the Zaia show by Cirque du Soleil in Macao.

23., 24., 25._Marts – SCHEDULE TBA:

Catalina Aguayo, workshop: Scenick lab for aerial performers

Dette billede har en tom ALT-egenskab (billedbeskrivelse). Filnavnet er Cata-foto_deepdive_credit_photolosa-683x1024.jpg
(photo: photolosa)

– A workshop of four hours pr. day!

The main objective is to create a space for research, observation and reflection; a protected circle within which we can confront ourselves, to create from our own sincerity, trying to strip ourselves of imposed forms. We will rely on various drama and movement practices, from improvisation to composition, seeking to reinterpret and nurture the aerial disciplines.

As for the aerial technique itself, we will pay attention to the basic contents that make up the discipline: idea of suspension, axes of movement, weight and pendulum management, use of breathing and awareness of muscle tone.

Aimed at people with previous experience in aerial disciplines, interested in expanding their technical and expressive language.

Catalina Aguayo, trapeze artist and project manager, started circus in Montevideo, after having been a professional gymnast for 10 years. At the age of 19 she started the diploma in circus arts at the University of San Martin, in Buenos Aires, where she graduated in 2011. In 2013 she started her professional training at the Circus Arts Center in Toulouse, “Le Lido”, finishing the diploma in 2017.

She studied Flying Low, Contact Improvisation and Butoh technique with masters such as Lucas Condró, Eugenia Estévez, Gustavo Lecce and Edward Tamayo. In 2013 she started her professional training at the Circus Arts Center in Toulouse, “Le Lido”, finishing the diploma in 2017. In 2016 she co-created the company “Tanka”, in Uruguay, with the support of the National Scenic Arts Institute (INAE) and declared of cultural interest by the Education and Culture Office. In 2017 and 2018 she worked as an interpreter for the French company “L’Éolienne”, and she joined the project “Mammouth” from La June compagnie.

Currently she manages the Annual Laboratory for aerial artists from Cooperativa La Bonita, Barcelona, and accompanies several projects of emerging creation, as an external eye. She finds her inspiration on the trans-feminist movements and on the LGBT community which she considers her family and her ground zero. She is moved by the need to show her most hidden queer part, moving away from the female stereotypes to defend another ideal, and offering reconciliation with the uniqueness of individuals.

26. March_10.00-13.00:

Winston Reynolds: Acrodance workshop

Dette billede har en tom ALT-egenskab (billedbeskrivelse). Filnavnet er Winston_deepdive-edited-819x1024.jpg
(photo: Courtesy of Frans Brood Prod.)

The workshop will be exploring different physical and cognitive aspects of what a movement practice can and could involve. This will be an invitation to experience and partake within performer Winston Reynold’s current approach and interest within training and movement research.

The workshop will possibly contain the following elements: Acrobatics, partnering, breath work, tool work, stillness, locomotion, predetermined & non predetermined sequences, avoiding, range of motion, striking, fighting, opposites, strength training, discussion and observation.

Winston Reynolds personal practice is informed by ongoing study and research with Alexander Vantournhout, Martin Kilvady, Joseph Bartz, Alexis Simons, alongside a longterm collaboration with Axel Guérin researching Acrobatics in Dance and Performance.

Winston is a graduate of Circomedia, Centre for Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre (Bristol) and Fontys, ACAPA, the Academy of Circus and Performance Arts (Tilburg). Artistically he has collaborated with Alexander Vantournhout / Not Standing, Backsteinhaus Productions, Florentine Holzinger, NoFitState Circus and Jasmine Ellis, Winston is the founder of the company Yeknom, a framework through which he researches movement education and performance.