Program 2021

C!CAF vol > 2 would have taken place at DEN GRÅ HAL, 18.-26. of March 2021, but has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Read more about the cancellation here.

As we are working on moving the festival to March 2022, in the meantime we will leave the original program here for you to explore – until we are hopefully ready to go again…

Welcome to the second edition of Copenhagen Circus Arts Festival – a biennale!

At C!CAF vol > 2 we present a handful of strong international artists – an intriguing cocktail of nerve-wracking game universes and balance art, Russian avant-garde poetry and magic, acrobatics and choreography, nonbinary trapeze art and queer theory as well as playful dots evoking the imagination of both children and their adults!

18. of March: Le Cirque du Bout du Monde / Guy Waerenburgh (BE), 20. of March: Company Portmanteau (FIN/BR), 22. of March: OLGA / cirqAnalogique (UY/ES), 22. of March: Right Way Down (DK/SE/GB/DE) and 24. of March: not Standing / Alexander Vantournhout (BE).

C!CAF is presented in collaboration with Dansehallerne – and with an ambition to stimulate the field in a broader sense. So besides from presenting circus art, we also offer – in collaboration with Akademiet for Utæmmet Kreativitet (AFUK) – DEEP DIVE ACTIVITIES – a program of workshops and artist talks run by the invited artists. And we are also sending some of the performances on tour to the venues of our partners; BORA BORA in Aarhus and DYNAMO WORKSPACE in Odense.