Program 2022

16.-25. of March

It is with great pleasure that we welcome not standing / Alexander VantournhoutCompany PortmanteauElena Zanzu og Les Vélocimanes Associés / Le Cirque du Bout du Monde.


16. March 19.00: THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE / not standing / Alexander Vantournhout

19. March 14.00: PISTE PISTE PISTE / Company Portmanteau (FIN/BR)

22. March 19.00: EZ / Elena Zanzu

24. March 19.00: DER LAUF / Les Vélocimanes Associés / Le Cirque du Bout du Monde (BE)

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C!CAF 2022 is presented in collaboration with Dansehallerne – and with an ambition to stimulate the field in a broader sense.

So besides from presenting circus art, we also offer – in collaboration with Akademiet for Utæmmet Kreativitet (AFUK) – DEEP DIVE ACTIVITIES – a program of workshops, Industry Day, Critics Lab, seminars and artist talks.

Read more about DEEP DIVE ACTIVITIES here!

Der Lauf also performs at our partners venue: DYNAMO WORKSPACE on the 25th and 26th of MarchGet your tickets for one of the two performances in Odense here.