The press wrote about C!CAF:

“The Contemporary Circus Festival C!CAF, held in Copenhagen, provided a fantastic insight into international contemporary circus at its very best… The best part is that it wasn’t just industry professionals, but also regular theater enthusiasts who attended the many sold-out performances” (Rie Hammer, ISCENE, 2022)

“This first edition of the festival began in the best of ways with the performance As heavy as it goes. The Belgian company Circus Katoen, consisting only of Sophie van der Vuurst och Willem Balduyck, presents this contemporary circus gem. With a pile of filled sacks, the two young artists create a whimsical and imaginative performance that celebrates playfulness and creativity.” (Torben Kastrup, Danstidningen, March 2019)

”Dancer and choreographer Kitt Johnson had – with an eye for the innovative, surprising and extraordinary – brought five Art-Circus performances to Denmark. It was young, refreshing and new. Here you would find artistic equilibrists who really put themselves aside in favor of the material and the political statement. (…) Here was a festival that really left its mark in the audience and certainly, artistically, points towards new formats which would be very welcome in a greater extend in Denmark.” (Rie Hammer, ISCENE, April 2019)