Festivalen bød i 2019 på en række spændende DEEP DIVE ACTIVITIES på AFUK: Gratis workshops og artist talks med de internationale kunstnere!

Under C!CAF opfordres og udfordres de internationale kunstnere til at tage et deep dive ned i deres egen praksis – og åbne op for alle nysgerrige sjæle!

I 2019 kunne vi derfor mandag til fredag under festivalen invitere til en række spændende, gratis aktiviteter på AFUK. Det var workshops, lectures, talks – en skøn cocktail, som vi samlede under hatten; DEEP DIVE ACTIVITIES. Kitt Johnson modererede alle aktiviteterne.

Se det fulde program herunder, og læs mere om de enkelte aktiviteter:


Man. d. 25/3 kl. 16.00-16.45


LECTURE AND TALK: Loosening control within skill-based practices

Starting from Salustris personal journey among dance and circus, he will share concepts and methodologies that he has developed in his approach to object manipulation. It will then be discussed which kind of notions of technique, context and intention that allow and surround performative and non-performative artworks. From an historical-philosophical perspective, Salustri will then try to draw parallelisms between the evolution of circus and other art fields.

Andrea Salustri comes from Rome, where he first encountered juggling and has been working as a street artist. In 2013 he graduated cum laude in Philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome, then decided to move to Berlin to pursue an education in contemporary dance. He first completed the Dance Intensive program at Tanzfabrik Berlin, and successively studied dance and choreography at HZT Berlin University. He is currently working on his creations and has been selected as a laureate artist for CircusNext 2018-2019.

Tirs. d. 26/3 kl. 14.00-15.30


WORKSHOP: A Circus Board Game

This workshop/lecture is about the project Girón is developing as a part of his master studies at DOCH.  His project is to create a board game that can be a creative tool for a circus practitioner.

Girón is happy to invite you inside the creative process in this project and test his first formula of the game. You are welcome to join in an open discussion about creation processes within a circus practice.

Quim Giron Figuerola, Barcelona, 1985. Founder and artistic director of the circus company Animal Religion. Graduated on circus at DOCH (University of Dance and Circus of Stockholm), where he received the Sophie Hulten’s scholarship for his creativity, risk play and his ability as a circus artist. Currently studying in the Contemporary Circus Practice in the Master Program at DOCH UNIARTS 2018-2020.

His work focuses on the themes of animality, gender, surreal humour and the research for new expressions with circus.

Ons. d. 27/3 kl. 16.00-17.30


LECTURE: I’ve got a big mouth and I like to climb things – Aerial, Activism and Text

Laura Murphy’s artist talk will discuss how her combined experiences in activism, academic research, musical composition, and physical performance have informed her artistic practice. Her current show ‘Contra’, has grown out an extensive academic research project exploring the relationship between the female body, text and the critical potential of aerial work. She has also previously made work about banking investment in the arms trade, time, mental illness and political speech.

Laura Murphy is a physical performer, theatre maker and academic researcher, working across circus, live art and contemporary performance. She likes talking – a lot – and is also interested in how her aerial rope practice contradicts and intersects with the ethics of live art. Her work is highly text-driven and devised from stories, speeches, narrations or verbal explosions. She uses her performance practice to talk about things that, she thinks, need to be talked about.

Laura Murphy is a PhD Candidate at the University of Sheffield and a CircusNext Laureate 2018-2019, a European programme coordinated by Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe and supported by the European Union.

Tors. d. 28/3 kl. 16.00-17.00

CÉCILE PROVÔT & CHLOÈ BODIN: What is CircusNext and how do you apply?

CircusNext offers a unique program of support to emerging creators of contemporary circus! It is carried out by a large European platform of about 30 partners representing 17 countries.

Every other year the CircusNext program has a call for projects for emerging makers who are in the process of creating their first, second or third professional show. A selection is made by a European jury (amongst others counting artistic director of X-act, Kitt Johnson) based on criteria of singularity, creativity and of artistic excellence. The selected laureate artists are offered a support program made of residencies and touring opportunities across Europe as well as a grant, connections and guidance.

If you are an emerging circus artist or company based in Europe and are interested in applying to CircusNext to undertake a process to create a new piece of work then come to this info meeting by Cécile Provôt & Chloé Bodin about CircusNext! You can read more about CircusNext here

Who knows, maybe you will be the next laureate?

Fre. d. 29/3 kl. 14.00-16.00


WORKSHOP: Moving bodies moving sound

Grensgeval (Border case) invites you to explore the boundaries between human, animal, and technology. A small wireless Bluetooth speaker functions as your partner to explore the (im)possibilities of these categories. How can the body move the sound instead of being moved by sound? How does an acrobatic sequence change if the aim of the movement is to manipulate the sound, to create a composition in space that is both auditory and visual? How does a change in sound change the meaning of the movement? Where does the human blur with the animalistic? When does a body become inanimate, an object?

Grensgeval was founded by Hanne Vandersteene and Mahlu Mertens. Its productions operate on the borders of different disciplines. They are sensory: performances that do not only appeal to the eye, but also to the ear, nose, and even the skin and the mouth in order to create a new experience.