About C!CAF

C!CAF shows international high-quality new circus art. Performances that catch you where the boundaries between circus and art are erased. Where something new and unique is created! 

C!CAF vol > 1 was presented by Kitt Johnson X-act, in collaboration with Dansehallerne. The first edition of the new circus biennale took place in Pakhus 11 in March 2019. Next edition will take place in March 2021.

Dancer, choreographer and artistic director of Kitt Johnson X-act, Kitt Johnson, is the curator of C!CAF. She carefully selects the festival’s performances, which also tour around the country at the venues of our Danish partners.

Johnson has many years of experience with the festival format, a continous collaboration with AFUK/AMOC and a great association with the Danish circus environment as well as international network connections as a jury member in CircusNext.

This solid cocktail of experience is what motivate Kitt Johnson X-act to act as a bridge builder and create a synergy that can develop new circus as a genre on a national level.

Read more about C!CAF vol > 1 here. Pakhus 11 acted as Festival Center, AFUK hosted workshops, a Critics workshop was held in collaboration with ISCENE/Rie Hammer and Monna Dithmer – and performances were sent on tour to the venues of both BORA BORA in Aarhus and DYNAMO WORKSPACE in Odense.

We try to reduce our carbon footprints through donations to Carbonfund.