Coordinated in great collaboration with the association of our industry Dansk Samtids Circus and AFUK

(photo from DYNAMO Circus Seminars 2021: Cosmin Cirstea


It is important to us that the content of the circus salon during C!CAF aligns with current themes and needs in the industry. Therefore, we are waiting to define the precise program – in collaboration with DSC and AFUK – until we know the content and outcome of the upcoming circus salons, hosted by DYNAMO WORKSPACE and GLiMT Amager.

However, we do know that we want to engage a wide range of stakeholders from the industry in meetings, discussions, and knowledge sharing at the salon. This includes performers, producers, venues, presenters, the industry association, intermediaries, academics, institutions, and funding bodies.

(target group: Open to everyone).

Read more about DSC here!

Read more about AFUK here!

Time and place: 15th of April 5pm at AFUK, Enghavevej 82B, 2450 Copenhagen SV.

SIGN UP FOR DEEP DIVE: There is a limited availability of seats, so if you wish to participate in this activity, please send an e-mail to If you are prevented from participating, please let us know, so someone else can have your seat!