C!CAF is presented in collaboration with DANSEHALLERNE.


C!CAF cooperate with Akademiet for Utæmmet Kreativitet – AFUK – around all the free DEEP DIVE ACTIITIES.

ISCENE / Critics Lab

During C!CAF Monna Dithmer and Rie Hammer/ISCENE are directing a Critics Lab at AFUK. The participants will work in the Lab to qualify their critical approach to physically oriented performing arts – including contemporary circus as a genre. The hope is to end up with a handful of writers, who will be able to manage a critique that complies with the entire spectrum of experience, analysis and reflection.

The participants will review the performances at C!CAF, and the reviews will be published on the performing arts site

The Critics Lab is supported by Bikubenfonden.

New Circus in Aarhus og Odense

BORA BORA and DYNAMO WORKSPACE are official C!CAF partners in 2019! These are partnerships that make it possible for us to share the fantastic new circus performances in other parts of the country both before and after the festival. Circus Katoen and Andrea Salustri perform at BORA BORA in Aarhus on the 20th and 21th of March, and Animal Religion at DYNAMO WORKSPACE in Odense on the 30th of March.