Flexibility and expressive movement

DEEP DIVE: Workshop with Alice Rende (BR/FR)

(photo: Christophe Raynaud de Lage)

How can you create authentic movement by utilizing and expanding the flexibility you already possess?

And from what starting point, and with what tools, can we explore the joints’ properties and limitations – regardless of age and physical background? These are the kinds of questions that drive this practice-based contortion workshop. Alice will present a range of strategies for strengthening the specific authentic flexibility that each of us possesses, and together we will explore its expressive potential – all while maintaining the body’s healthy and sustainable alignment.

(2 hours, target group: Mixed, both professional circus artists, students at AFUK and other types of performing artists, who wish to work on their flexibility and mobility in general. The exercises will be adapted to each participant, there are no minimum requirements for participation).

Read more about Alice here!

Time and place: 17th of April at 1pm-3pm at AFUK, Enghavevej 82B, 2450 Copenhagen SV.

SIGN UP FOR DEEP DIVE: There is a limited availability of seats, so if you wish to participate in this activity, please send an e-mail to deep.dive.tilmelding@gmail.com. If you are prevented from participating, please let us know, so someone else can have your seat!