In the Crossfield of Circus and Visual Arts!

DEEP DIVE: Workshop with Inbal Ben Haim and Domitille Martin (FR) – THE WORKSHOP IS FULLY BOOKED!

(foto: Loic Nys)

Inbal Ben Haim, circus artist, and Domitille Martin, visual artist and scenographer, have been cooperating for more than five years. During this time, they have initiated a series of projects that have all had focus on the cross-fertilization between circus and visual arts. And with a focus on body, material, and space, they have jointly developed a unique working method that both acknowledges and challenges their respective artistic foundations.

Taking point of departure in paper as material, they will introduce the workshop participants to these work methods and explore the potential for inspiration between these two art forms further.

The paper used will be recycled from the performance PLI, which is presented at C!CAF the day before.

The workshop is aimed at circus artists and visual artists/designers/scenographers, as well as others who work visually with materials, and it aims to create encounters and joint explorations in this intersection.

(2 x 3,5 hours, target group: Mixed, both professional circus artists, students at AFUK, other types of performing artists – and everyone, who is working visually with materials, as professionals or as part of their studies).

Read more about the artists here!

Time and place: 11th of April at 9am-12:30pm + 2pm-5:30pm at AFUK, Enghavevej 82B, 2450 Copenhagen SV.

SIGN UP FOR DEEP DIVE: There is a limited availability of seats, so if you wish to participate in this activity, please send an e-mail to If you are prevented from participating, please let us know, so someone else can have your seat!