Le Plus Petit Cirk Du Bord Du Bout Du Monde – Cie Opopop (FR)

Performs on the 14th of April, 14.00 at Den Grå Hal, Refshalevej 2, 1436 Copenhagen K. (CHILDREN FROM THE AGE OF 5)


The Tiny Circus at the edge of the World

In a beautiful and surreal circus universe, audiences of all ages are invited on a journey. A magical performance about friendship and freedom – beyond the boundaries of gravity!

Somewhere, way out on the edge of the world, exists a floating rock. A parallel universe, a whimsical planet where time is suspended. Here resides a troglodyte (half-human/half-stone), whose quiet life is disrupted by the arrival of a curious explorer. The explorer carries with her a suitcase filled with circus and magic. The troglodyte’s world is shaken and thrown out of balance, but perhaps together they can create a new equilibrium in this little universe?

Karen Bourre is a juggler, trained at Circus Space in London, and has worked with companies such as Gandini Juggling, Cirque Baroque Cie Préoccupé, Cie Jérôme Thomas, the duet “Have a Ball,” and Cie Manie.

Julien Lanaud, lighting designer, with a background at the Théâtre de l’Eclaircie, Les Derniers Hommes, Frac Théâtre, Cie 9,81, Cie Jérôme Thomas, Cie Gandini juggling, Der Lauf, Oslo Telescopic – and in his collaboration with Karen, he has cultivated a preference for DIY stage design with a touch of magic.

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Creation and performance: Karen Bourre and Julien Lanaud, Consultant: Markus Schmid.

(photos: Adèle Petident, Cie Opopop and Vincent Arbelet)