With a little help from prfrm!

prfrm (Maja Bonde Holtze, Mikkel Søndergaard Kryger og Amina Krohn Membar) (foto: Simone Ballan)

For the last part of the industry day, C! CAF – in collaboration with the production community prfrm – invites artists and producers to a joint workshop!

And who knows – maybe you will leave with a new acquaintance that you can join forces with on your journey forwards?

If you are an artist, you will be inspired to answer questions such as:

– Should I be a self-producing artist, or should I work with a producer?

– I have a good idea for a show. Who do I have to work with to make it happen?

– How do I fundraise for the show? Where should I show it? What thoughts should I have about PR? Who should I remember to invite?

If you are a producer, or maybe considering becoming one, we review:

– The producer’s checklist

– Tips from our own work

The workshop is targeted at performing artists and producers at the beginning of their careers, but more established artists and producers are very welcome to attend and share their experiences.

Maja Bonde Holtze and Mikkel Søndergaard Kryger from prfrm are responsible for MEET YOUR MATCH.

SIGN UP: There is a limited availability, so if you wish to participate in this activity, please send an e-mail to If you are prevented from participating, please let us know, so someone else can take your place!

prfrm is a production community consisting of Maja Bonde Holtze, Mikkel Søndergaard Kryger and Amina Krohn Membar, who have joined forces to ensure small and medium-sized companies as well as performing artists in the open field the necessary production assistance, which they feel a increasing demand for.

Mikkel Søndergaard Kryger has a background as a producer and PR manager from a number of theaters and companies, and has dealt with state and municipal art support and cultural policy. Mikkel solves tasks within production management, fundraising, PR and audience development.

Maja Bonde Holtze has worked with communication and production within the field of performing arts on established stages, in the open field and in festival contexts. With a background as a producer, process facilitator and communicator, Maja solves tasks within production and performance management, concept development and PR.

Prfrm has most recently been working with i.a. DYNAMO WORKSPACE, Rapid Eye, Uppercut Danseteater, Ruby Gamache, Julienne Doko, Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening and Teater Asterions Hus.