PLI – Inbal Ben Haim, Alexis Mérat og Domitille Martin (FR)

Performs on the 10th of April, 20.00 at Den Grå Hal, Refshalevej 2, 1436 Copenhagen K. (CHILDREN FROM THE AGE OF 10)


PLI is circusnext Laureate 2020-2021

Who folds whom?

A circus artist and two visual artists come together over a stack of paper. All driven by their fascination with this millennia-old material.

Paper has many identities, ranging from the blank page to the crumpled sketch. Paper carries our innermost thoughts and universal truths. Paper is always at hand. It bears witness to our lives, our dreams, our culture, and our history. Can it do more than that?

Viewed through the prism of the circus, the exploration of paper’s properties is taken to an unprecedented extreme. In the tension between fragility and strength, body and paper fold into and out of each other in a – at times – nerve-wracking negotiation of force and balance. Who is more vulnerable: the suspended body or the paper?

PLI was created in close collaboration and throughout the creative phase, there has been a strong focus on the destiny of the raw material. After the performance, the paper is reused or recycled.

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Inbal Ben Haim
, circus artist specialized in trapeze and aerial rope, works both in Israel, where she was born, and in France, where she resides. She graduated from CNAC, Centre National des Arts du Cirque Châlons-en-Champagne, in 2017. Inbal strives to create strong connections between the audience and the artist, the intimate and the spectacular, the earth and the air, here and there.

Alvaro Valdes, circus artist and dancer, graduate of the Circo del Mundo school in Chili. He has worked on numerous circus and dance projects as director and outside eye. Emotional memory is his primary creative resource – and he currently works with Cie Lunatic, Cie Barks, the theater dance collective Poetic Punkers, La Muse en Circuit, Inbal Ben Haim, and the Nok dance collective.

Domitille Martin, visual artist, graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 2015. Drawing inspiration from nature, she creates sculptural installations with a focus on the transformation of animals, plants, minerals, and humans.

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With: Inbal Ben Haim, Domitille Martin and Alvaro Valdes, Conception & artistic direction: Inbal Ben Haim, Artistic collaboration, scenography, accessories: Domitille Martin, Artistic collaboration, engineering, paper handling: Alexis Mérat, Technical general management: Yann Guénard, Light creation: Marie-Sol Kim, Light manager: Hélène Quintard, Sound creation: Max Bruckert, Additional music: Caroline Chaspoul & Eduardo Henriquez (Nova Materia), Costumes creation: Clémentine Monsaingeon, Anaïs Heureaux, Outside eyes and dramaturgy: Eleonora Gimenez, Shahar Dor, Direction assistantship: Kamma Rosenbeck, Artistic and technical collaboration: Sophie Lascombes, Objects handling advice: Inbal Yomtovian, Artistic advice: Elodie Perrin.

(photos: Loic Nys and Milan Szypura)