TUTTI FRUTTI – Compagnie Los Putos Makinas (BR/ES/DE/UY/FR)

Performs on the 18th of April, 20.00 at Den Grå Hal, Refshalevej 2, 1436 Copenhagen K. (CHILDREN FROM THE AGE OF 10)


C!CAF 2024 closes with a bang of a performance

– circus, chaos, and satire served on a silver platter!

Tutti Frutti is omnipresent and almighty. It is everywhere around us and at the same time deep within our souls. It is the desire for power in a violent world, sprinkled with absurd logic and a cutting, liberating humor – a kind of salad of strange ingredients! An explosive recipe that will make you laugh and grind your teeth at the same time.

A social satire about power and dominance served by five fantastic performers, each one more megalomaniac and egocentric than the other, and all of them obsessed with juggling.

Bonus info: Johannes Bauhofer has just settled down in Copenhagen – keep a close eye on this new sharp knife in the drawer…

LPM, Los Putos Makinas
, is a collective of juggling circus artists, all hatched from the ESACTO-Lido (Toulouse, FR). The company was initially co-founded around the trio PITI PETA HOFEN SHOW with Andres Torres Diaz, Lucas Castelo Branco and Johannes Bauhofer. This all-terrain trio has performed 200 times around the world since 2017. Juan Duarte Mateos and Rodrigo Gil joined the crew for the creation of TUTTI FRUTTI in 2020. LPM’s signature is a highly dramatic staging, serving satirical purposes. In a burlesque manner, we crash into the world of the absurd to denounce the incoherence that conditions our lives.

LPM is:

HOFEN a.k.a. Hannes (Johannes Bauhofer) was born in a remotecorner of southern Germanyand began his circus career at the age of 5. Hofen graduated from CODARTS in Rotterdam (Holland), and then from Le Lido as an acrobat and juggler (clubs). He has always known how to make his circus more extreme through the different sports and other skills in which he excels, climbing, bike training and osteopathy on cats.

PETA a.k.a Andres (Andres Torres Diaz), originally from Extremadura inSpain, he began circus in 2012,training at the Carampa circusschool in Madrid, where he was inspired by destructive robots and enjoyed bending anything that passes through his hands. Immediately afterwards he joined Le Lido, where he continued his research into Hooke’slaw applied to juggling rings..Besides working with LPM, Andres is also a part of the Stoptoi company.

PITI a.k.a. Lucas (Lucas Castelo Branco), originally from Brazil, he discovered juggling in 2007 and immediately fell in love, specialising in juggling balls. While still in Brazil, he trained at the Crescer e Viver circus school and took the Angel Vianna contemporary dance course in Brazil. Then in 2013 he joined Le Lido. That same year he began dancing hiphop. In 2016 he joined the Nicanor de Elia company in the Copyleft and Juventud projects.

NERUDA a.k.a. Juan (Juan Duarte Mateos), was born in Uruguay, raised in Brazil and now a professional in France, Neruda is passionate about juggling in all its forms. His favorite object is his contact ball. He owes his nickname to his love of words, his ability to transform reality through words and his unshakeable charisma. After six years of selftaught, relentless juggling, he joined Le Lido in 2013. Besides working with LPM, he has also worked with Nicanor de Elia company (the Copyleft and Juventud projects), Little Garden (Soul Safari Experience) and WCS  (Perfect Timing).

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(photos: Corinne Svala and Manuel Manzano)