You, me, us: Re-considering roles in partner acrobatics

DEEP DIVE/ROOT DIVING: Workshop with Alexandre Fray (FR)

(foto: Valérie Frossard)

In this edition of DEEP DIVE, we embark on another round of ROOT DIVING!

A program feature that offers significant encounters with luminaries of the contemporary circus scene: Artists who have left their mark on the European stage over the years.

This year, the spotlight is on Alexandre Fray, the artistic director of the legendary circus company Un loup pour l’Homme.

In this workshop, Alexandre will share the experiments with which he has explored the complexities of roles in hand-to-hand acrobatics over time. Based on an introduction to his unique approach to care in his practice, this workshop will make room for new insights regarding our notions of responsibility, limits, consent – and a possible redefinition of the usual roles: passive/active, following/leading, victim/executioner. In order to unleash potential dramaturgical aspects of hand-to-hand.

(2,5 hours, target group: Mixed, both professional circus artists, students from AFUK and other types of performing artists)

Read more about the company here!

Time and place: 8th of April at AFUK, Enghavevej 82B, 2450 Copenhagen SV. Schedule TBA!